Access text easier!

Rewordify is an online software program that requires absolutely no subscription to use.  Reword content…. fast!

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Create interactive presentations, meetings and host real time polls and quizzes! Easy, engaging, free for basic edition.

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A video discussion forum for your students.

This technology has the power to engage the most reluctant participant! Simple, free – fun!

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Got Google? Why yes, we do!

You will love Slidesgo!  Bored of the same powerpoint template and need to refresh and renew course content?  Slidesgo inspires.

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This is an online tool I use to make lists! Need inspiration? Search padlets that other educators have made public to share. It’s easy, interactive, timesaving, and fun! 

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Wakelet is my top choice of content curation tools. Intuitive; collaborative; free for basic version – timesaving!

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How to Block YouTube Ads

I use a lot of videos from YouTube in the resources that I curate, create and share with staff and students, and others. YouTube engages learners and has some good content!  What I do not like are the ads before the video begins, the pop-ups during and the sidebars highlighting other videos that may or may not be appropriate for all viewers.

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